T sunami_-Year 2004 December 26th

T sunami___ A description

Every day the sea moves back and forth. Sometimes it is high and other times it is low. This is something normal and is called a tide.


A very strong earthquake took place in the sea outside Indonesia. In Indonesia, people felt the floor shaking. The walls and floor of houses started to shake.

It was this earthquake under the sea floor in Indonesia that created the tsunami. The earthquake was so big and powerful that it created waves that started to travel from that point out in all directions.

If people had known about tsunamis and how they behave many lives would have been saved. When the sea suddenly pulled out many people ran down to pick fish and see what was happening. When the second waves came they drowned because they did not know that in a tsunami a series of waves will come. If people had known that the first 2wave was followed by a second, they would not have gone down to the water or stopped to pick up their belongings.

As Tsunamei hit Sri Lanka and when it was announced in the Radio and Television our Head Quarters doors were opened and people were bringing lorry lodes of stuff by the unaffected community. The Girl Guides were there to sort out the stuff and packet them.   Day and night Guides were working and the goods were delivered on the instructions that we received from the Department of social Affairs. At the same time we were keeping a track of our members who were affected to be helped. I myself did the spade work at the very begging in Hambanthota.

We formed a committee and built up the future work that is been still carried out by the Disaster Management Committee.

This is how we worked


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